The purpose of this book, World-Class Leadership, is to have a useful and simple leadership guide for all organizations that will increase operational excellence and organizational performance.

David B. Walls is president and chief executive officer of Austin Industries, a diverse construction company owned 100 percent by its employees. His passion for leadership research started early in his career when he was involved with a project where a young man was killed in a construction accident. The leadership principles from his research are universal leadership qualities that make any organization successful.

World-Class Leadership is a practical guide for all companies, organizations, and individuals to use as a tool to have World-Class Leadership. This book has common sense information that will assist the entire team to move their organization to World-Class Leadership and operational excellence.

Included in the book are:

- Easy-to-read leadership recommendations
- Leadership principles
- Process principles
- Corporate cultural principles
- Useful leadership, process, and culture scorecards

The principles from World-Class Leadership will make you a more effective leader, increase your ability to influence people and make your life’s journey more productive.

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